Thursday, May 1, 2014
To: UC Davis Community
Subject: A message from the Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Dear Campus Community,

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that a "Cinco de Drinko Sloshball" Facebook event page was created by a group of UC Davis students. It encourages participants to wear stereotypical Mexican dress and depict images that debase the cultural identity of our Chican@/ Latin@ students, staff and faculty. In addition, it has been scheduled during an important cultural period for our campus, La Raza Cultural Days, and a significant celebratory period for many Chican@/Mexican@ people, Cinco de Mayo.

Unfortunately, the insensitivity of this content has left many members of our UC Davis Chican@/ Latin@ community feeling demeaned and demoralized. It is clear that the students' actions are not aligned with our Principles of Community. As a teaching and learning environment, this is an opportunity to create a sustained dialogue about our distinct and diverse communities and to reaffirm our Principles of Community. Student Affairs staff will be working directly with the students who organized this event to heighten their cultural sensitivity and understanding of the impact of their actions.

Please know that my door is open to discuss any concerns from community members regarding this event. You may email me at or Milton Lang, associate vice chancellor for Student Affairs, is also available to provide support and can be reached at


Adela de la Torre, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

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