Authenticated SMTP : Email Configuration for Commuters

Service Description
Authenticated SMTP is available if you use a laptop both on and off campus, and 1) rely on different Internet service providers (ISP) depending upon your location, or 2) use an ISP or wireless service with no outgoing email server. This service enables you to send email to any address over the campus servers.

What is authenticated SMTP?
Outgoing email is sent via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). "Authenticated SMTP" means people must enter their LoginID and password to verify their right to use the central campus servers.

What do I need to do to use this service?
To enable authenticated SMTP, you need to change the outgoing SMTP server settings in your email program. Instructions for changing these settings are available to the right.

Does authenticated SMTP work with all ISPs?
Certain service providers block all outbound traffic, except for Web traffic. If the service provider you are using does so, you will not be able to use the campus authenticated SMTP service. You might contact the service provider to see if they will allow this service.


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