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Physical security is becoming increasingly important in the digital age, but is often overlooked. What is physical security exactly and how can you ensure your devices are protected? Here are some tips:

1) Don't leave your devices alone. If you need to step away from your workspace in public, take your devices with you. Ask a friend to watch your things, or use a cable lock if you're leaving your devices at the office overnight.

2) Don't keep sensitive information on your devices. Information like passwords, social security numbers, and credit card numbers should not be kept on your devices since it's very easy for thieves to obtain this from your computer or phone. For a list of all sensitive information, check out this list here. from the US Navy website.

3) Back up your information. Have an external copy of all your information backed up, and back it up on a regular basis. If your device is ever stolen, you'll have all your important files saved.

4) Personalize your device! This can help you recognize your device if it's ever lost and found, or can make it harder for a thief to resell it or claim it as their own if it's ever stolen. Personalization can include engravings, stickers/decals, permanent markings, and more. Our May awareness campaign is based around this tip, so check out our Facebook to participate!