Allow / Deny Lists

What are allow and deny lists?  
They are enhancements to the campus spam filtering service. Email recipients who opt in to this service can customize it by creating allow and deny lists. All email originating from addresses on an individual's "deny" list is prevented from reaching that individual's inbox. All email originating from addresses on the individual's "allow" list is permitted to reach that individual's inbox, even if it would otherwise have been marked as spam and filtered away from the inbox.

Why implement Allow/Deny Lists? 

  • They let individuals specify addresses from which they do, or do not, want to receive email.
  • No single spam filtering measure filters 100% of spam. Allow-and-deny lists add extra protection against spam.
  • Legitimate email messages from news lists, or from subscriptions to professional online magazines or other publications, might be filtered as spam (a "false positive"). By placing the sender's email address on their allow lists, recipients of these types of messages ensure that the messages will not be filtered as spam.
How do I create allow and deny lists? 
To set up allow and deny lists now, go to the allow/deny list setup page.

Can email addresses be added to, or deleted from, allow and deny lists at any time? 
Yes. Changes take effect immediately.

Can I add addresses to my allow and deny lists? 

Where can I get more information about campus spam filtering services? 
Visit the main spam filtering page for more information, and for links to set up pages.